Timely help and the correct information can make the difference in the outcome!

Emergency Page

This is where first responders go to find help in a crisis. Direct 911 call button, Fire/EMS Helpline, First Responder Helpline, Veterans Crisis Line, Copline, National Suicide Prevention, Crisis Text Line, and other important Contacts for Help.

Chat Rooms

Anonymous chat rooms to discuss pressing issues without the worry of repercussions. Go one-on-one with 911warriors who have experienced the same issues. We will have trained peer counselors available in these rooms to provide support for PTSD and suicide prevention.



A posting platform with the first responder community in mind. Ask a question, or tell a first responder, emergency-related, or community-based story. Lessons learned, comic relief, feel good stories or anything in between. Highlight issues and the great things first responders do everyday.